Frequently Asked Qouestions - Faq

What kind of congress is TESTEG 2023 Congress?
TESTEG 2023 is both an academic and sectoral congress organized to prepare a platform for the companies, engineers, industrialists and academicians operating in the sector to share ideas and to bring the interested parties together. Unlike conventional congresses, it is a congress that will be held in the atmosphere of a fair with academic papers, product promotion presentations and company stands to be set up in the foyer.

Who can participate?
Postgraduate and doctoral students, academics and company representatives and anyone related to the Textile Industry can attend TESTEG 2023, the 'International Congress of Sustainability and Technological Developments in Textiles', which will be held for the first time.

Is your congress international?
Our congress is international in nature.

What is the language of submission and presentation?
The language of submission and presentation is "English and Turkish".

Is it mandatory to submit full text?
No. There is no requirement for a full text of our congress. Abstract and full-text papers will be published under separate headings in the proceeding book.

Can I attend the congress with more than one paper?
There is no limitation for papers in congress participation. You can participate with more than one paper. In case of participation with more than one paper, it is obligatory to pay an additional 50% of the original fee for each extra paper.

Can I attend the congress only as audience-listener without registering?
It is obligatory to register to attend the congress. Participation as audience-listener only is free.

Can I send my own abstract via e-mail?
Abstracts can only be sent via the "Abstract Submission Module" on the congress website. Abstracts sent by any other method (e-mail, mail, etc.) will not be considered.

How and when can we get our Congress Certificates?
Congress certificates will be prepared electronically for the participants and will be available for download at We will notify you via e-mail and text message when your certificates are ready.

When will the Congress Proceedings be published?
The congress proceedings book will be published at together with the elimination and editing of the papers that were not presented at the congress.

What should be the poster presentation format?
The dimensions of the poster are: 70 (horizontal) x 90 (vertical) cm and the posters must be in one piece.

Title and author information: All texts on posters should be given in an easy-to-read writing style. The title of the poster should be written in maximum 70 points and bold, and care should be taken not to exceed two lines. Author names should be written in 32-42 points and for contact addresses, 32 points and bold, italic. The name of the author who will present the poster should be underlined.

Section headings in the text: The text should be written in larger font size and bold.

Point size for text writing: Point sizes that are easy to read should be selected.

References: In posters; At the end, references with smaller characters (14-16 points) should also be indicated in index.

In the preparation of posters, the use of colorful figures and photographs that increase the visuality should be emphasized. The characters and texts in the figures should be easily readable and the same characters should be preferred in all figures. Figures should be given in dimensions that can be easily seen from afar.